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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

10 Top Ways to Make Money Online

At a time when the economy is showing little sign of improving and interest rates are remaining low, it is now not so profitable to earn interest on any money you happen to be sitting on. Instead of growing our capital we're having to invest it into something risky in order to get a return. E-Commerce is probably the biggest marketplace in the World, in fact nowadays it's uncommon for a high street store not to have a website. Now, if you ask me it's pretty hard to make money online but it can be done and I've made a small amount of money online myself *Smiles at my Ebay account*. But this post is all about you, find ways to save money and create a revenue stream online!

10. Private Coaching Online

The potential is there and everyone wants to be coached in some way. Take life coaching for example after I quick search on Google I found this site It's a site advertising life coaches, I mean a lot of people feel they need some sort of life coaching and i'm sure people would pay for it. You can also do other things i'm sure, if you have a specific attribute that you are qualified to coach then why not do it privately for people online?

9. Ebooks

Ebooks are becoming more and more popular and some people are even scared paper and ink will become obsolete! Heaven forbid! I'm an English student, it would be the end of my world but hey-ho! The idea is that if you write something and post it online and perhaps, even offer a sample...if people like the material they will buy it. Who knows, if you write well enough Amazon may come along, knocking on your door asking for exclusive material. It's unlikely but if you do it for a number of years and become quite popular in selling ebooks, who knows. The great thing about E-Commerce is there's always room for expansion as everything is virtual...

8. Online Surveys

There's a few genuine sites which are quite handy when you want to earn a couple of pounds. If you spend 15 minutes filling out a survey and get paid a pound or whatever for doing it, that isn't too bad and the workload isn't exactly strenuous. One site I use is which I don't get paid money for per say, but I do get given vouchers when I reach the £10 mark which is ideal for saving money on Amazon when I need to pay for books for my tuition. There are others too which offer cash instead but obviously, you have to be careful when there are so many scammers around...

7. Blogging

Ok, i'll be honest, I haven't made any money since i've started blogging (About a month ago, maybe a bit less) but the point is it can be done. If you have something to talk about that is interesting and in some way funny you can blog it and gain readers. After a while you can start to employ advertisements on your blog and hey! You over there, Mr.'ve got a way to make money. Some people are known to have retired off and live off of their blog money so who knows.

6. Selling Services Provided By Others

Be the middle man, have people advertise their services on your website and charge them a commission. This means the only workload you have is the start up and maintaining of the website, you don't provide services yourself but get paid for others providing services. It's quite simple but easier said than done, that's for sure.

5. Provide Your Own Services

Yeah, go one step better and actually sell, not prostitution, well, not sexual prostitution anyway. If you have a particular skill and can show you're qualified, it may be DIY, it may not, it doesn't matter. The point is you can sell your services through online websites.

4. Sell Products on Your Website

This is relatively simple, perhaps you sell flowers. Why not sell them online, it's a bad example but there are millions of people who sell stuff online.

3. Forums and News Boards

Sell products in forums or on news boards. Now this can be done through websites such as who are cheap, and free if you sell your item for less than £50. Another site is which as far as i'm aware is totally free. The idea is that these websites get so many visitors that instead of setting up your own website, you might as well use them instead of spending money promoting your own website.

2. Sponsorship

On your website, when it becomes reasonably popular and you have a decent stream of income you might be able to find some sponsors that will pay you to advertise on your site. There are thousands of websites willing to do this if your traffic is good enough and is significantly more effective than Google's Adsense.

1. Ebay

Yeah, the best way to make money still remains Ebay. With so many visitors it's so easy to sell things. I've done it myself on a number of occasions and have had great success. Even if it's just old stuff you consider junk! They'll be some crazy person willing to buy it. There's even a way to set up you own Ebay store so you can essential become a part of the retailing industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Here are the methods, go make some money...and occasionally pop back here to update me on how you're doing :D

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