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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

10 Best Things to do Before You Kick It

A slightly different list than usual. This won't be so much funny but definitely a list that needs to be on any top ten website. Worth a read and also very much worth doing all the things on the list if you have to money and time. If you don't have those two can always dream, like me :D

10. Swim with dolphins.

I think everyone wants to try this, seeing all those happy faces on videos you see when people swim with dolphins. It's probably the closest you'll come to swimming with sharks as well...not recommended!

9. Firewalking...

Yes, walking on fire is becoming increasingly popular. The idea is taken from certain religions and monk exercises as they see walking on fire as an empowering experience. The theory behind this is that if you walk quickly enough the hot coals won't burn your feet or leave your face glowing like a peach! Certain material are used as their heat threshold is not too extreme.

8. The great wall of China.

Anyone who says they've walked it is a liar! No one can possibly walk that far but some people like to do parts of it. As far as I know, this wall is the only wall you can see from space, seems like something special to be a part of.

7. Fly a fighter jet.

Extreme speeds and shitloads of adrenaline. Some people do this as a job! Evil Kenevil lives in all of us. A must on the list of things to do.

6. Climb mount Everest...

Or at least a part of it. It seems steep, and it most definitely is!

5. Visit the Amazon rainforest.

The atmosphere is meant to be one of the most surreal things; dense forest, unbearable humidity, and amazing animals. Whatever you do, take a guide with you or you ain't coming back.

4. Invent a cocktail.

For all you alcohol lovers out there (so, everyone!) inventing a cocktail isn't quite what you would call a spiritual experience but who cares! To make your own cocktail and get smashed on it must be a great experience.

3. Run a marathon.

Doing this for charity must be a good feeling to know you've raised money for less privileged people by running yourself ragged.

2. Meet your favourite celebrity.

Imagine meeting the person you idolise more than anyone else in the entire world. An experience that is different for everyone and therefore, my number 2.

1. The final frontier...

Yes, It's finally possible, the public can travel into space for 10 minutes for a small small fee I mean hundreds of thousands of pounds...but even so, an experience which is truly out of this world...excuse the pun.

Any that i've missed off? Post them and see what others think :)

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