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Friday, 9 December 2011

10 Most Inspirational Videos On Youtube

Okay, so i've been browsing Youtube and a trend started to develop between the videos are inevitably started watching, these were inspirational videos...and cats doing funny things but more the first one I said ;). After watching way too many videos to count I decided to pick a top ten out of the most motivational videos I could find, since then, I decided to write this post. I hope you find these videos as inspiring as I did when I was in a low place in my life. Enjoy!

10.  'Maybe, the most inspirational video ever...'
I cam across this video and felt compelled to watch it, i'm so glad I did. It's one of those videos you have to sit and watch all the way through, I mean it's only a couple of minutes long but you feel a sense of pleasure after watching this video. Solidly, within the top ten for me.

9. 'A must see motivational video!'
Personally, I don't like the music in the background to this. But, if you take that out of the equation you are left with some of the most inspiring quotes ever muttered amongst the intellectual elite. Quotes from Einstein and Co. really do have a way of making sense to everyone, and anyone with hair like Einstein needs to be listened to, let's face it.

8. The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home
Over 15,000 likes?!? It takes a couple of seconds to kick in but please listen to the song, the lyrics, it's incredible. I love this song, when I first saw this guy sing this song, I was just in awe. Such an inspiring voice, this song makes you want to appreciate the world.

7. 'The most inspiring video you will ever watch!'
This may just look like a fat man at first but whilst watching this video you realise this guy is more than just a man. He is an un-sung idol in my opinion, an example for many to follow and there's no better choice than the choice of Coldplay - The Scientist playing in the background. Incredible...

6. 'Most inspirational video ever'
When I saw this video I thought it was going to be one of those personal, sad stories which don't really get to you as much as they should. Well, I was wrong, yes, a sad story but transformed into pure inspiration. This is how we all feel about someone in our lives, some of us are lucky enough to have a number of people we feel this way about but I suppose this video is about appreciating what you have when you're lucky enough to have it.

5. 'The most inspirational video you will ever
see Nick Vujicic'
Wow, simply wow. I first saw this video when I was at school, it was an assembly that changed my view on life, I would thank this man if i could. This man is incredible, this man has incredible mental strength and most importantly is happy with life. He is changing the lives of others who think they are worthless. A true inspiration.

4. 'Susan Boyle - BGT'
Cat lady? No, Susan Boyle. A performance that even makes Simon Cowell look on in wonder. It just shows it doesn't matter what you look like, if you have a talent, pursue it!

3. 'Motivation -"Be great, powerful beyond measure"- best inspirational video ever'
This is a great video. Timeless quotes from inspirational people and characters from films. Muhammed Ali was one of the greatest talkers in the world of sport and it really shows in this video.

2. 'The girl who silenced the world for 5 minutes'
The title says it all...

1. 'The greatest speech ever made'
Charlie Chaplin is a legend in the history of comedy. Who would of thought he would be one of the greatest speakers too, this speech is inspiring and i'm sure the whole world went silent when they heard this beautiful speech.

I spent a long time on deciding my top ten. I hope you appreciate them as much as I do, they are emotional and i'm not going to lie, I shed a tear at one or two but that's not the point...These are all incredible people, do not think of them as a list but as individually people who are as inspiring as one another, and let us all aspire to live by these words and maybe, one day ourselves become inspiring to others.

If you liked this post, tell people about it, the more views I get the more lists I will make. Comments are always welcome :)

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