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Friday, 9 December 2011

10 Most Amazing Pictures Taken

I've decided to dedicate my last two posts to some sort of media (including this one) and that is because I have genuinely been influenced by what I have seen on the internet recently. Pictures, videos, and films. All are incredible formats that allow us to experience in some way what others have experienced and documented. I want to share with you some of the photos that have defined events and generations. Enjoy!

10. The lone standing house in the picture is the only house
that remains after Hurricane Ike. Truly an amazing picture
and one that defines such a destructive natural phenomenon.

9. This is a picture of a storm. Is anyone else remembering the movie war of the worlds?

8. I really want to know why a polar bear is in the middle of that field...and why he appears to be clapping? Either way, the contrast in this photo is incredible.

7. I remember this in the news. Truly an incredible image of a man's protest against injustice.

6. A tragic image. The twin towers. The photographer who took this picture was killed when the second tower fell, his body was found and his camera returned to his wife. She gave the camera to a friend of the photographer who was of the same occupation and he published the photos.

5. Simply a wow photo.

4. Caught licking an ice cream or the eccentricities of a genius? A priceless photo.

3. Incredible wildlife pictures really do bring out the beauty in this world, even if this bug is one ugly looking dude.

2. Never forgotten.

1. A Buddhist monk burning himself to death in protest.

I hope you've seen something in these photos, which one is the most iconic, which is the best? Comment below.

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