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Sunday, 11 December 2011

10 Best Coldplay Songs

Anyone see X factor? Yeah, Coldplay blew me away as well! My favourite band, that's for sure! I've always thought about my favourite Coldplay songs but I can never really pick, I find myself split between 4 or 5 that I really love. Now, Coldplay aren't the most popular band and have had their critics but I think everyone has a soft spot for some of their more classic songs. Even their new album, songs like Paradise and Princess Of China really get to me on a musical level, so here's my top ten. Enjoy!

Ok, ten minutes later, i'm stuck...I've shortlisted it down to 14 songs which are some of my personal favourites excluding some of the less popular songs. So, change of plan, i'm going to do a top 10 list with a special mention to 4 songs which will be joint 10th :D

10. Don't Panic, Trouble, Easy to Please, The Hardest Part & In My Place

5 Incredible songs and definitely songs that could have appeared elsewhere in the top 10. I have all of these on a par however, the boldness of In My Place as a track is incredible and deserved to be here. Perhaps one people may be surprised at is Easy to Please but in my opinion it is an incredible song with some deep lyrics that showcase Chris Martin's voice beautifully.

9. Violet Hill

A truly outstanding song from Viva La Vida. In my opinion it is inspired, especially the end part where it slows down and relaxes itself. I think the album Viva La Vida really brought attention back to the other band members. Some of the guitar rifts and drumming is really incredible.

8. A Rush of Blood to the Head

Inspired the album title and is, in my opinion, about the speedy rise to fame after the 1st album. I think the lyrics are incredible in a song that appears to be slow but then suddenly bursts to life in amazing fashion. Top tune!

7. Viva La Vida

What a song! I've listened to this song hundreds of times and it always seems to spark some new idea in my head. This song really was the highlight of that particular album of the same name.

6. Politik

Some may argue that this doesn't deserve top ten status, but for me this is an incredible song that seems to unite the band in a way that i've never seen before. For some reason I get the image of being suspended in space when I hear this song, really incredible.

5. The Scientist

We all knew it was coming and this song used to be in my top three. For some reason it has fallen out of the medals but it's not that it isn't a great song. No! It's more the fact that I feel there are better songs. However, the scientist is probably the most iconic.

4. Paradise

The lyrics really are something to behold and the rifts surpass a lot of the rifts i've heard in other songs. Just misses out on the top three but is by far the best song on the new album.

3. Clocks

A total classic, the song is inspired and for some reason the song is made by the long 'ooooooooooooo' bit. I love it.

2. Yellow

Such a simple song but one with so much emotion in. A way we all feel about someone, I feel that this is a really universal song and that is why it's in 2nd place for me.

1. Fix You

How weird is it that this song just came on my shuffle as I started to write this...odd...but meant to be quite clearly. The song is so raw, Chris Martin described this song as 'naked' and is just that. It is pure musical joy and talent with some incredible guitar and some falsetto that just amazes me.

I found it hard to make a top ten for Coldplay and I feel there are some other songs which could quite easily have broken into the top ten. I love all of their songs but I feel I have to mention a select few: What If, Animals, Up in Flames, Propekt's March, Square One, Speed of Sound & Warning Sign. All of those songs and many more mean so much to me. I felt compelled to write this list and hope you enjoy it too.

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