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Saturday, 10 December 2011

10 Most Influential People of the Century

I'm talking about all those people who influenced history between 1900 and the year 2000. The century has been described as the most progressive in terms of technology and Science but which people have had a particular influence in history? There are many but i've narrowed it down to 10 people, many of which have won the Person of the Year award at some point in time over the last century.

10. John Lennon
Tragically murdered on the 8th of December, 1980. He and his mates revolutionised the music industry, they changed the way music was played but John Lennon in particular was a stand-out character in the Beatles. With hits like 'Imagine' I think it's fair to say he really did make a difference with his music.

9. Henry Ford
Not a leader or politician, a industrialist who is best known for inventing the car. The car is an essential piece of technology in today's world and the fact that this man invented it and founded 'Ford' rightfully, grants him a place on the top 10 list of the Century.

8. John F. Kennedy
He was criticised for the way in which he handled the Cuban missile crisis but was definitely influential in the whole of the world. His charismatic nature and prowess allowed him to be a leader of people at a time when a war between the USA and the Soviet Union seemed imminent. Tragically murdered in suspicious circumstances, one of the most talked about people in history.

7. Johan Cruyff
Dutch footballer. He changed the way football was thought about, he changed the way football is played today and most importantly was an incredible success on and off the field. In terms of what he did for football I couldn't leave him off the list. A contender for one of the best footballers ever, perhaps, not as good as Pele or Maradona but neither of those two changed football as much as Cruyff.

6. Adolf Hitler
He re-built the German economy but is horrifically known for his major part in WWII. He has influenced history as we know it and is by far one of the most recognised names in the world. 

5. Sir Winston Churchill
The last standing man against the Axis power in WWII. He was elected half way through the war and was an iconic figure for the rest of the world. Not only was he well spoken and witty but he was a man who would never give up in a time when the world needed a man like Churchill. Also named the man of the half-century.

4. Joseph Stalin
The man who helped to rebuild the Soviet Union directly after WWII and was a major player in the advancing years after the war. I put him above Hitler and Churchill because of the longevity of the cold war and the influence it had on technology as both countries provoked the technology boom after the war.

3. Mahatma Gandhi
A man who helped in the effort for Civil rights in South Africa and also an iconic leader in India. He has helped India gain independence as  a country and simply is one of the most iconic figures in history.

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt
32nd President of the USA. He led the USA through a time of economic crisis and world war. He promoted certain beneficial legislation in the USA and gave China and Britain massive financial support in the war. He had a huge role in ending WWII.

1. Albert Einstein
I don't think anyone beats Einstein. The greatest scientist ever perhaps? He is best known for changing and surpassing old ideas within science. His theories of special relativity and relativity are infamous and he has changed we see the world. Not only that but he was a very philosophical man, an incredible person who has offered wisdom to the world. 

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